What is Paperback in Amazon

A paperback, also known as a softcover or softback, is a type of book characterized by a thick paper or paperboard cover, and often held together with glue rather than stitches or staples. … If your book has an ISBN, use that to search for the appropriate page in Amazon to list under

Broadly classifying Books in contemporary terms give two types :
1. E-book
2. The hard copy ( printed on paper ).

1- The ebook is that version which can be read on any of the numerous devices available in the market in various coding formats. The ebook don’t take any physical space, It Can be stored in ebook reader and can be accessed anywhere.
* Examples of ebook reader devices- Kindle, Nook, The IPad, any modern day handset with required APP to read these books.
** Ebook coding formats – .ePub, .mobi, .pdf, .txt etc.

  1. Now comes the world of books in which we can touch the pages, feel the incredible smell of books that can make you nostalgic sometimes. The fluttering of the pages in winds, the texture of the pages and numerous things. The physical copy that is printed on paper comes in different qualities and it can cost a few hundreds to whooping thousands. The cheapest is the ‘Paperback’ which has the covers made of paper but thicker than the pages on which the book is printed. It is meant to be passed between a very few. Then comes the library editions at the top of the ecology made of finest quality paper ‘Hard Bound’ with material that will make it sustain for years and numerous hands.

Both these and a many more are available in stores or from the sellers like Flipkart and Amazon. It’s your preference of quality and the kind of money you want to spend.

Books nowadays come in two forms e-book and regular printed books (hard copy). Just as the first category has further categories based on formats, the latter also are available as hard back and paperback. Paper back books have a thin card cover as front and back cover. They are the most common books. Hard bound books have a thick cardboard as covers. The pages are also of a good quality. So hard bound books are costlier both outside and the e-markets.

Paperback are the books with cover of thick paper. So they are hard copies i.e. printed copies of book.
Printed books generally come in 2 kind of covers
1. Paperback/ soft cover :- thick paper as cover
2. Hardback/ Hard cover :- cardboard cover coveres with paper/leather.

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